"AddThis sits at the nexus of social, Big Data and advertising technology. Brands need to use data to create consistent experiences and engage consumers anywhere on the Web—on their domains, on social platforms and within ads."
—Ramsey McGrory, CEO


  • The largest social and interest graph on the Web
  • No. 1 sharing and social platform on 14 million domains
  • Efficient, effective solutions for more than 500 brands


  • 1.3 billion global unique users, 253 million in the U.S.
  • 25 billion social connections mapping like-minded audiences
  • 70 terabytes of data per week, processed in real time


  • Automotive: 12 million-plus
  • Financial: 19 million-plus
  • Food: 34 million-plus
  • Political: 16 million-plus
  • Retail: 53 million-plus
  • Travel: 15 million-plus
  • Women: 38 million-plus


Peggy Fry
Chief Revenue Officer, AddThis

Q: How are brands currently working with AddThis?
A: We are activating Big Data with brands in three major ways. More than 500 major brand and direct-response marketers are taking advantage of AddThis' audience modeling capabilities to scale their audiences across the Web based on search, site and social data layered together.

Publishers and content curators use our social plug-ins and analytics to create personal experiences for users and optimize their sites based on user behavior and proven engagement.

More than 14 million domains use AddThis' sharing platform to power their earned media by enabling and measuring sharing. As the only provider that measures all sharing, including copying and pasting of URLs and of on-site text, AddThis provides a full picture of who is sharing what with whom and the effect that has on site traffic and conversions.

Q: What makes AddThis audience targeting unique?
AddThis' solutions for paid media are game-changing based on both scale and technological sophistication. Where most modeled audiences are based on one type of data—behavioral, social or intent-based data, for instance—AddThis' data science technology allows us to layer search, site and social data together to identify the most relevant targets for a given brand. Whether targeting users from our 650-plus standard segments—across verticals from auto to travel—or working together to create custom models from their own customer bases, brands get the benefit of more than 25 billion connections across the largest social and interest graph on the open Web. That means that brands are targeting their most likely customers with webwide scale and unmatched precision.

Q: How should brands be thinking about social and Big Data?
Most brands think about social sharing as earned media with some branding effects. It is that, but that's a limited view. Proper attention to analytics and application of Big Data generated by social activity have profound implications for the entire organization. The biggest thing keeping brands from creating an amazing experience for each user based on actual behavior is simply inertia. Data comes from disparate sources and can be intimidating to analyze and operationalize—especially for organizations that are siloed. To help organizational structures and cultures adapt to this social world, AddThis is committed to democratizing Big Data so that marketers can look beyond likes and followers to see the underlying value in social—unprecedented customer insight.

Build a Data-Driven Paid-Owned-Earned Strategy

Building efficient social strategies starts with using the best data to improve the paid (audience buying), the owned (brand website and content) and the earned (sharing and social engagement). AddThis uses unique social and other data from a brand's site and data aggregated from across the Web to help brands drive sales, interaction and engagement across performance and branding objectives.

Paid: audience buying and targeting

AddThis models audiences using search, social and site data to get the most effective and scaled audiences matched to a brand's campaign goals. Available at digital solutions providers and trading desks.

  • More than 650 audience segments are available, from automotive to beauty.
  • Custom modeling using pixels on site expands current customers through lookalike modeling.
  • AddThis social ads bring the best of social interaction into the ads themselves.

Owned: driving traffic and engagement

AddThis builds digital engagement by identifying the best brand content and creating a site that learns from users.

  • Social analytics improve content marketing and social strategies by helping marketers understand all their brand's shares to build the best, most viral programs.
  • Welcome bars use brand users' browser (nonpersonal) data from the rest of the Web to engage those customers—"Hey, I see you are a Google+ user!"
  • Trending content unearths the most-shared content about brands in a customizable window to drive page views and time on site.

Earned: empowering advocates

Sharing is a key indicator of consumer consideration and intent similar to search. Enabling and promoting easy sharing allows marketers to turn site visitors and enthusiasts into advocates who create earned impressions and drive traffic back to their sites.

  • AddThis sharing tools provide customizable buttons, menus and toolbars with the only analytics that measure all types of sharing.
  • Follow tools allow users to become fans and followers in one click for longer-term relationships and greater earned media.