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The Sysomos social intelligence engine powers our clients to pinpoint and tune in to the social conversations that count, identify and target key influencers and find better ways to create and distribute content.

Our clients

Nine of the top 10 brands listed in Interbrand's Best Global Brands 2012 use products powered by Sysomos. The client roster includes Fortune 500 companies, PR and advertising agencies, investor relations professionals and media organizations.

Influencer marketing is a lot more than an advertising tactic. Marketers can now use the Sysomos social intelligence engine to identify the people who most influence their customers and engage them in ways that drive a brand's business: Listen to what they have to say. Get to know them. Build relationships. Include their ideas in decision-making. And create products and services that truly meet their wants and needs.

By embracing customers, companies become better informed and create better products, messages and brands. Customers who feel that they've been heard become brand advocates, share their passion with others, influence buying decisions and ultimately drive sales and revenue.

That's what it means to be powered by Sysomos.

Influencer marketing powered by Sysomos

Reap all the benefits of social listening and influencer marketing with products powered by Sysomos, the top-rated social intelligence engine. Clients include nine of the top 10 brands listed in Interbrand's Best Global Brands 2012. The engine spans 190 countries and 184 languages, adding millions of conversations every day. With products powered by Sysomos, marketers can tap into a trusted solution, turn fans into advocates and generate both insights and leads.



Social media research and discovery platform that helps companies identify and bring meaning to the topics, trends and influencers impacting their business.


Real-time social media monitoring and engagement platform that lets users track and measure campaigns, brands and products, as well as easily identify and build relationships with key influencers.