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Mining Data for Diamonds: Consumer Interactions Shape Business Decisions

Information is power. Advertisers have always known this but have been limited in the amount and scope of customer data they can access. With U.S. online and mobile ad spending projected to grow from $36.8 billion in 2013 to $62.8 billion in 2017, according to eMarketer, it’s becoming even more crucial to allocate advertising dollars more effectively—data allows marketers to do that. In this section, learn more about how data shapes decisions, why marketing and IT must become a cohesive team and how customers and prospects benefit when everything comes together

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Intelligence Report
Marketing/IT White Paper
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Data-Driven Decision-Making
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Neustar Aggregate Knowledge: Global Media Intelligence Report, 2013 Year in Review

Which channels drive the most impressions, clicks and conversions relative to cost? Which campaigns are more likely to drive impressions? Which ones are more likely to drive action? Download this 22-page white paper to find out more about the state of the marketing industry. You’ll learn why it’s important to get data out of silos—a problem faced by about 86% of marketers—as well as which channels are best for reaching consumers and how data can improve marketing and advertising efforts across the board.

Building a Digital Marketing and IT Engine to Meet the Needs of Today’s Empowered Online Consumers

Technology gives marketers access to data that used to be out of reach. But marketing can’t glean that information without a little help from IT. Download this white paper to learn how to find data and build a repository for it. In addition, you’ll discover why marketing and IT must become a team, viewing results together so they can learn from them and incorporate them into the campaign life cycle.

Attribution: Facing Today’s Digital Measurement Challenges

Despite an overwhelming amount of information available, measuring the value of advertising on digital media channels is complex and challenging - especially in terms of making the connection back to the actual sale. In this white paper based on an exclusive Neustar-Ad Age survey, marketers talk about the state of attribution and where it's headed.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

As Ken Barbieri, director of market development at Neustar, explains, marketers know that data can be used to engage consumers in a more effective way in social media and in other digital marketing venues. One of the most effective methods for doing this is by taking online consumer interactions and linking them with offline marketing data. Click to watch this video and learn more.


Sync or Sink: IT and Marketing Must Align, New Forrester Report Says

You may be reaching your audience, but are you providing a compelling, high-performance online experience to keep them engaged? Click here to learn more about a new report commissioned by Neustar and written by consulting firm Forrester Research that explores the relationship between marketing and IT, and why it’s crucial for the two to align their outlooks, priorities and investments.

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Sync or Sink: IT and Marketing Must Align, Says New Forrester Report

by Mark Jackley on FEBRUARY 18, 2014

Today's marketers are discovering that while reaching an audience online is important, it's really only half of the battle. The other half is providing a compelling, high-performance online experience that keeps customers engaged after you've found them. According to a new Forrester Research report commissioned by Neustar, the key to success is for your IT and marketing teams to align their outlooks, priorities and investments. Here are five key takeaways from the paper, available to download in full here:

  1. The post-digital world mandates that IT and marketing reach a new understanding. Digital investments make it possible to optimize marketing and drive sales. These investments deliver more personalized engagements—think custom emails or hero banners—which today's empowered, 24/7 customers demand. Clearly, marketing and IT must collaborate to make it happen. But…
  2. Marketing and IT alignment is hindered by differing perspectives. Each department has different priorities. No big surprise. But it's time to find common ground. Without it, the report says, businesses wind up with “siloed technology deployments and wasted spending,” resulting in an inconsistent and suboptimal customer experience. For this to change, suggests the paper, C-level executives must lead the charge.
  3. Customer data is your growth fuel – and neither side can utilize it fully in a vacuum. Companies are combining the data they collect from customers with data from third-party sources, like database providers and data marketplaces. The ultimate goal is to form a single view of their customer across all channels. IT and marketing both hold the key to crucial elements of this puzzle. Neither side can accomplish it alone.
  4. Connectivity and customer engagement are critical. According to the report, seventy-five percent of companies are increasing digital engagement with customers. Another statistic helps explain why: forty-two percent of addressable U.S. adults get information on multiple devices, from different locations, many times each day. The potential rewards of aligning IT and marketing are huge.
  5. To drive a common vision, assign shared goals and KPIs.

The report recommends that marketing and IT agree to put customers first. To make that vision a reality, these sometimes reluctant partners must share objectives and rewards, including common success metrics and KPIs. By taking these practical steps, the teams can create web experiences that power higher growth.

About Mark Jackley

Mark Jackley is a Senior Copywriter, Product Marketing for Neustar Enterprise Services.
He can be reached at [email protected].


Turning Customer Data Into Intelligence

The right data can make a difference in a company’s bottom line. Download this Neustar infographic to learn how marketers can use data to reduce the cost of brand engagement by 53% and boost response lift by 70%, among other data-driven factoids.

Case Study: Wireless Carrier Uses Internal, External Customer Data to Find New Opportunities, Markets

For one wireless carrier, finding the right areas to expand its wireless retail presence required understanding which areas were underserved and which had the greatest potential for growth. Blending customer data and other metrics helped the company achieve a number of goals as well as exceeding its sales forecast.

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