How do you lead the pack in digital? Be willing to take risks and learn from some of the industry’s best digital executives profiled in the Digital Trailblazers series—now in its second year. Dive headfirst into digital's latest opportunities with lessons from these agency and brand leaders, the tools and resources they count on and where they think digital marketing is headed.

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Meet the Digital Trailblazers

Quantcast’s Real-Time Academy is a series of free courses that cut through the complexity, jargon and deluge of information to provide skills for the real-time future of digital advertising. To learn the ins and outs of programmatic from core technologies across the ecosystem, real-time bidding media strategies and much more, click here.

Knowledge Nuggets
  • VOCAB LESSON: A PMP is a private marketplace where publishers offer inventory to select buyers.
    eMarketer says PMP flow will hit $3.3 billion by 2016.
  • VOCAB LESSON: What is Attribution? A rule-based method for giving advertising partners credit for driving success in an ad campaign, thereby helping them spend budget intelligently.
  • VOCAB LESSON: RTB = Real-Time Bidding is a real-time system for either bidding on or buying ad inventory.
  • COMPARE TWO: Ad Exchanges automate auction-based buying in real-time, while Ad Networks connect advertisers to sites that monetize their ad inventory.
  • GET TECHNICAL: Only about 20% of conversions are the result of a click. The other 80% of conversions viewed the ad and took action later. Therefore, clicks are only a partial measure of online advertising effectiveness.
  • GET TECHNICAL: The most common ad sizes are 728x90 (Leaderboard), 160x600 (Skyscraper) and 300x250 (Rectangle).
  • INDUSTRY STAT: US RTB To Grow From $9 billion to $16 billion from 2015 to 2017.
  • INDUSTRY STAT: Ad Blocking is a hot topic, but adoption of the technology is still low. Only 9% of US desktop based visitors, and .1% of mobile web page views used ad blockers.

The Hallmarks of Digital Success

Testing. Trying new approaches. Even a willingness to fail. These are the hallmarks of the Digital Trailblazers, people who are invested in digital—and who can offer you ideas on how to succeed in your own marketing strategies, whether you’re exploring programmatic buying or investigating display advertising. One tactic they recommend? Keep learning.

In this section, Quantcast offers insights into the latest trends in digital marketing, including programmatic and best practices for mobile advertising, and how they can help you improve and augment your own marketing efforts.

Which Attribution Solution is Right for You?

Attribution marketing solutions help organizations figure out what ads or marketing efforts a customer interacted with before making a purchase and which ads had the most impact. Would your company benefit from working with an attribution provider? Discover your options in this Attribution Vendor Directory.

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The Next Frontier in Ad Quality: Targeting Accuracy

Marketers know fraud and viewability issues are plaguing the industry. But they also need to consider the accuracy of audience targeting. Read this report to learn about the wide disparity between data providers and why accountability for data quality is so important going forward.

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A Guide to Prospecting With Programmatic Advertising

With the rise of big data and real-time bidding, or RTB, prospecting is more targeted and scalable than ever before. Click through to discover what programmatic buying is, why it is measurable and how to take advantage of programmatic to make prospecting for new customers easier and more effective.

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Quantcast Supernova conferences bring together today’s top innovators—growing brands, leading publishers, central figures and media experts—to share experiences and explore the impact of Big Data on business, society and the future. Dive deeper into some of the key insights from Supernova 2015 for big ideas and tangible approaches for using data more effectively in your business.

The Collision of Data and Culture

The Digital Crash Course You're Too Ashamed to Admit You Need

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When it comes to digital marketing, you know you need a little help. We all do.

But here is hope. Advertising Age sat down with four of the smartest minds in digital marketing to provide you with the Cliffs Notes to success. So welcome to the Digital Crash Course, the one you’re too ashamed to admit you need.

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